Never Forget

The issue of teaching safety and awareness among our children has become an issue that will simply never go away and never should. In the world we live in today however, it seems to be getting much more important and accidents seem to be happening more frequently than I remember so back in the day.

I think there needs to be much more interactive learning as opposed to class room style teaching because let’s face it, kids will learn better when you make things fun and interactive 100% of the time and we should stop trying to kid ourselves otherwise.

Back when I was among the many amazing people who worked for a company focused on educating kids on dangerous real life situations in a healthy and fun way. When you add interaction to a teaching style, you will never see negative effects and that is a guarantee and applies to anything you are trying to teach.

Our job focused on showing kids real life scenarios and making games out of them, using fun colors and toys to get the children’s attention and half of the time they didn’t even realize they were being taught life lessons that could end up saving their lives some day.

It really upsets me seeing the way kids are being taught these days and I can’t help but think we are getting worse as a whole.