What We Didn’t Do

One very important topic in regards to teaching kids about safety that we didn’t focus as much on as I would have liked to is how to react to strangers. We briefly discussed the topic when we would go over some of our more focused topics like car/bicycle safety and different rules of the road, but I always wished we would have talked about it more because I think it is such an important subject.

Especially now with the internet and computers becoming so prevalent, the topic has become all more critical to make sure kids of this generation understand the severity.

It really is a shame, but this almost seems more important to talk about these days than road safety. There is nothing more horrifying to any parents out there than having your children being taken away from you in the blink of an eye with absolutely nothing you can do. Just the thought of this literally brings chills down my spine.

This is a pretty sensitive subject however and just like everything else I have talked about, should be approached with caution. You really want to make sure you emphasis how important stranger danger is to understand, but you don’t want to terrify your kids into never leaving your house or having a disdain towards any adult that tries to talk to them.

Check out that link for a general overview of what to expect and what to talk about because this topic could have a whole page dedicated to it but because we never focused on it too much at the village, I didn’t want to go into too much detail but wanted to address it.

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