What We Did

So now that you have a little background on where I came from and how I ended up back on here, I will start talking about what actually went on at Rotary Safety Village and what some of the exercises we did with the children.

Now who doesn’t remember and love this guy?

A huge focus on a lot of the teaching that we did back at the village was emphasizing the importance of safety with traffic, cars, and being outside in general. Now picture yourself being 5 years old in basically what amounts to be a day camp filled with other kids your age and adults take out books and pass them out to all the kids. These books are meant to teach you about safety and different rules of the real world. How long do you think your little 5 year old attention span could hold onto any information?

Not very long, and we understood this fact and didn’t try to kid ourselves otherwise. We made sure to keep their attention when doing our lessons and activities for the day by keeping our toys stocked with new toys as often as we could and taking out any broken or old toys and replacing them.

Our kids didn’t even know they were in a safety village class and we always made games that were fun for both the kids, and us adults as well.

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