Something They Can Relate To

When trying to educate young children on safety issues, it is important to implement different ways in that they can actually relate to and understand instead of just introducing completely foreign concepts and ideas to them.

Something that we did in our safety classes with our kids and was a main focus that I really loved, was having a replica model of our actual city made up of toy buildings and cars. When we did this, we made it fun for them and had some of the playgrounds and other spots around the town that our kids had actually been to and could relate to.

When they saw a small version of the actual city that they lived in, it immediately made it fun and relate able which always makes learning much more fun and retain able. Something that most classes or lessons do it simply hand out a pamphlet or book to kids and expect them to read up on different tactics on how to practice safety and let’s be honest, you just can’t expect kids to hold all of that information in at such a young age.

As I have mentioned before, my husband is the proud owner of a tree care company and it is an extremely dangerous job. Our children are getting to the age where they are asking about his job and all of the tools that we have in our garage and we use smaller toys that replicate his equipment to teach them about what they are used for and how dangerous they can actually be. It is important to teach kids in way that they can actually relate to and understand.

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