Looking back at everything I have discussed so far, I think I have covered all of the most important things that we focused on at the village. There can obviously be a book written for each of these topics, but I am waiting for both of my kids to be out of the house before I take on something like that :)

So besides the obvious importance of each and every topic in it of itself, I think if there is one thing that I would like anyone to take from what I have learned and what I have tried to share is that you really have to be careful in finding that happy medium between scaring your kids and ensuring that they understand the importance of what you are talking about.

This applies to absolutely anything you plan on talking about with your kids, even getting in their car seat. When we talk about my husband working at one of his locations like Tree Service Fort Wayne, we don’t scare our kids to the point where they are crying before daddy leaves every day; but they know that he takes his job very seriously and that if he isn’t careful he could be potentially hurt.

He has actually brought our oldest daughter, Aubrey, to work with him on a few separate occasions and wanted to show her some of the things that he does for work. Now he obviously didn’t take her to any of the more dangerous jobs like stump grinding or fallen emergency tree removals which require the use of heavy and very dangerous machinery, but he did show her around the shop and introduced her to the equipment without actually showing her them in action. He would let her ride on the tractors and grinders, this is where she is having fun and being interactive, and then show her what kind of safety gear he has to wear for it and why (this is obviously the safety part).

She didn’t even realize that my husband was using the techniques that we have been discussing this whole time and thought the day was filled with fun and she loved learning about his job.

So you might be wondering if she actually retained anything that my husband tried to teach her, right? Well this is where I came in because after they got home, I casually talked about what they did for the day and secretly quizzed her without her even knowing about it and sure enough, she didn’t even know that she was learning about safety!

This is the strongest and most important thing that I learned while working for the village and will be something I continue to use until that fateful but inevitable day my little girls are all grown up :)

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