Main Focuses

We covered a lot during my time of working for the safety village and I could write a whole book on the subjects that we did but unfortunately being a full time mother is taking up the majority of my time so this will have to do until I find a little bit more free time :)

One of the most dangerous and yet common things that happen to children are accidents involving cars and traffic. This is so sad because it is something that is so preventable and is absolutely devastating to any family who has been the victim of an automobile accident.

This is where we used the majority of our toys and games to teach kids road safety because what kids doesn’t enjoy playing with toy cars? Another thing that we found to be extremely effective in regards to teaching kids on road safety is bringing in either puppets or creating some kind of character that a child would love. Cartoons have been very effective and we would often have police and other public officials come in and teach them the rules of the road in ways that they knew were serious, yet light enough to keep all of the children s attention.

These methods can apply to anything and are guaranteed to be more effective than popping in a boring educational video that will hold a child’s attention for mere minutes before they are off playing with their car toys. This is where you take these toys that the kids already want to play with and apply them to different ways that will teach them to be safe.


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