For Anyone!

Everything that I have discussed on here and what we taught at the village can be used by anyone and everyone! Granted my husband does run a tree care business and it is generally more dangerous than the average worker out there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something to teach your kids about how to be safe that applies to your own home lives.

Even if it is as simple as why you want your kids to be using a car seat can be made into a game somehow and can be taught in a way that you aren’t going to freak your kids out enough to never want to get in the car again, but also in such a way that they respect the fact that they have to be in a different seat for their safety and they understand the importance of it.

How about cooking for all of you moms out there? You can come up with 100 different fun things you can do with your kids in the kitchen and 100 different things that could be potentially dangerous to them without proper education and guidance. Stoves, kitchen knives, hot water, etc. are all things that you really should talk about with your kids but you don’t want to bore them to death. Bake some cookies or have them help you cook their favorite meal one night and throw in your little educational food for thought while you are doing so and they won’t even know you are really teaching them about safety!

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