Ever Too Early?

Back when I was a full time worker, a lot of parents would often ask when is the appropriate time to start teaching children lessons about safety. Even now I have a lot of friends who are new parents come to me and ask me when is it appropriate to start talking to them about serious issues like car safety and things of that nature.

This is a very important topic of discussion and in my own personal opinion, I really don’t think it is ever too early to start talking about safety if it is done appropriately and with care.

When I say with care, I mean in a way that the child will full understand the severity and purpose of what you are saying, but making absolutely sure that you are not frightening them. You don’t want to scare your kids in a way that they will be afraid to go outside and be a kid, but you want them to understand why you are telling them what you are and that they understand exactly what you are trying to say.

You don’t want your kid to be afraid of the world but you want them to beĀ aware of the world and the potential for danger out there.

This is a very important and sensitive subject matter and should be taken with a grain of salt and a little bit of common sense as well. No child is the same and some may be ready to learn and comprehend earlier than others and you need to be aware of such differences.


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