Applies Everywhere!

The idea of teaching children important life lessons is something that my husband and I take with us and apply to our every day lives.

Let me preface this by saying that no, I am not one of those mothers who stare out their front windows and watch their children’s every move and chase down teenagers who might be going a few miles over the speed limit in our neighborhood. But I do take the idea of teaching kids safety very seriously and my husband and I both agree on the importance of it. We take a lot of the practices that I learned and taught at Rotary Village and apply them to our own lives at home.

For example, my husband is the owner of a tree service company with 3 separate locations and growing every day (I am so proud of you, honey!). Not a lot of people are aware of this, but tree service is actually among the growing list of the most dangerous jobs in America for several reasons, but I will get into more detail about that later on.

I bring this up now because we don’t necessarily try to put blinders on our children and paint the world into this harmless place with no consequences. Now that our children have gotten a little older we explain everything in as much detail as we feel comfortable going in but we do it in ways that make them understand and keep them interested. They have fun with our exercises and I know they are retaining what we tell them.

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